Privacy Policy

Your data privacy is important to us. We use it to email you information about our brand, launches, special discounts, featured product and when we have new blog posts up. At some point we would like to use it to remind you we exist in the interwebs when you're searching for that perfect performance outfit (for example), and we may have it! And you forgot that you love us, o so much, but no hard feelings. We use Google Analytics to help us understand how you, our customer is using the site and what you may be interested in. We use MailChimp as one of our processors to help manage your email and information, such as the collection and storage of personal data to create and use distribution lists, send marketing email campaigns, and place online advertisements (still not sure how to do this yet), and the transfer of personal data to certain of MailChimp’s sub-processors (who perform some critical services, such as helping MailChimp prevent abuse and providing customer support). We thought you should know. If you ever want to know more, or want to opt out, we're happy to work with you, though we know parting is such sweet sorrow!

With gratitude, fortitude and grace

Taylor Mills

Founder and CEO, Taylor Catarina New York