What is a Pre-sell Campaign?

Presell- v. (used with object), pre·sold, pre·sell·ing.

to sell in advance, as before manufacture or construction.

Why are we pre-selling?

The more important question is actually not why, but what problem we're working on solving with you, and what parts of the problem, we're addressing that make this model the perfect one to introduce our items with. Read on to learn more.

Special events and more formal events in general, have a lot of pressure attached to them.

There is an expectation of absolute perfection... everything is important: hair, skin, makeup, jewelry, even your bag, and most importantly your outfit. That's a lot of pressure for a few pieces of clothing.

We ask a lot.

We ask a lot from these really special moments where we wear these outfits, and even more from ourselves at these events. Our outfit needs to advertise things about ourselves that we may or may not feel is even true. You are a go-getter, you are confident, you have your entire life together; and this dress or outfit, or specialty item, needs to not just work for this occasion, it also needs to work for multiple occasions, with multiple people, in multiple venues, against the back drop of our lives... no really, that's a lot of pressure.

What happens when your outfits aren't there for you?

  • You're uncomfortable. It doesn't fit right, you are distracted, unable to focus in the moment, what was supposed to be your moment.
  • You're embarrassed for being under/over dressed. You should have gone with the long sleeves, no the short sleeves, no the longer hemline. Is Aunt Cindy giving you side-eye over your bare shoulders? Are you hot? I'm hot. Can you breathe in this? Where's the fan in this place?
So instead, at this incredible event you've been looking forward to, you spend the time pulling down hemlines; trying to figure out how you are going to even eat, dance or breathe in that dress you've been fantasizing about wearing for weeks or months. You  put it on and get frustrated, zippers get stuck, it may or may not zip up and tears may or may not be rearing their head. We've been there. We know you have too.
And what if the outfit delivers spectacularly? Well after that event it just sits there in your closet hoping for another event that could work. The only thing is you bought it for that one special event and it was perfect for that one event, so what's next?

Here's where the Taylor Catarina New York concept comes in.

We created pieces you can mix and match; for your events, for your lifestyle, just really even for life in general, but definitely the special occasions.
The concept is simple. You have a base piece, to build an outfit on. Our base piece is called the Prima piece. It's the first one, the prime piece. It's has lots of thought out technical and functional aspects to make it comfortable and deal with the first problem of being uncomfortable.
The second piece is the Duet piece. You wear it in tandem with your base piece. This is the one that becomes perfect for that one event, because we offer other options for your other events. It's generally worn over the top of your Prima piece, creating a new outfit.

Taylor Catarina New York offers pieces that are meant to support you in your moment.

These pieces are designed with classical musicians in mind, but are not solely suited to performance. In addition to providing the perfect accompaniment in recital or audition room, the adaptable ensembles are fantastic fits for your evening wear, day-to-night, and on-the-go clothing needs. Classic and polished in style, while elevated with touches of luxury, Taylor Catarina New York offers timeless additions to each prospective customers’ personal clothing collections.

Now why are we pre-selling?

To ensure we are creating the products you want, we are pre-selling the styles that you are actually interested in. 
Launching on the made to order model, these pieces aren't just sitting in a warehouse getting stale. From your order through the pre-sell period, we go straight in to manufacturing and then we deliver. This means you get your beautifully boxed pieces in as little as 8 weeks once the pre-sell window closes. Eventually this delivery time will shorten, but like all good things, they come to those who wait. After all, beautiful operas, symphonies and special occasions take time to create; a gorgeous gown, outfit, and made-to-order piece with a luxurious shopping experience is no different.

Want more information on the pre-sell process?

See our FAQ page for more.