About The Brand


Introducing Taylor Catarina New York: a women’s fashion line featuring vibrant, classic, and creative wardrobe items designed to support today’s classical artists onstage, in auditions, and on the go, everywhere in between. Designer and Founder Taylor Mills has built Taylor Catarina New York’s collection upon a mix-and-match concept that offers adaptable ensembles with a sophisticated flair. Read on to learn more about Taylor Catarina New York’s début, the vision behind this new collection, and mix and match pieces ready to adapt with you.

The idea behind launching Taylor Catarina New York was first sparked through Mills’ work in costume design for a Manhattan-based opera company. She styled ensembles for a variety of vibrant characters to bring some of opera’s most popular tales to life. Mills observed during this time the importance wardrobe plays in both a singer’s performances and lifestyle. She determined there was a marked need for apparel products to meet those particular needs, and envisioned a creative solution.

Mills has since embarked on building Taylor Catarina New York, devising garments to support singers in every facet of their craft and women looking to transition through different parts of their days. Yet that’s just the start of what the Taylor Catarina New York collection has in store. These pieces are designed to be worn for a variety of occasions, and worn by those in a variety of professions. Whether on stage or en route from your day-to-night night plans, Taylor Catarina New York offers ensembles to match. Something chic and practical for each prospective customer, on or off the stage, awaits . . .


New York-based designer Taylor Mills grew up in California, where she pursued her early love of sketching and design at the collegiate level. Mills attended U.C. San Diego for Political Science and later majored in Apparel Design and Merchandising at the College of Alameda. Mills’ professional experience has since spanned multiple fields, including costume design for opera productions and the characters that bring opera’s stories to life.

Taking on her own role as costume designer for a number of staged productions first sparked Mills’ inspiration for Taylor Catarina New York. The work entailed dreaming up and crafting by hand wardrobe designs for some of operas most popular characters and chorus ensembles (think Verdi’s La Traviata, the comedic, beloved operetta Die Fledermaus, and one of Mills’ personal favorites, Bizet’s Carmen). Mills has brought this specialized experience and creative insight to each ready to wear garment featured in Taylor Catarina New York’s premiere collection. Her passion for creating beautiful, usable and versatile pieces informs her every design decision for the brand and she can't wait to share that passion with this community!