Spotlight On: Petah Chapman

We met Petah when she was traveling through New York interviewing for music programs and instantly knew she was more than just a model, she became a friend. Her warmth, beauty and kindness inspired the dreamy shoot we did with the talented photographer John Solis. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect muse for that day and look forward to all of the adventures this worldly lyric soprano continues to pursue!

TCNY: I asked Petah about living her dream... this is what she had to share!

P: The moment I realised I was truly living my dream was when I performed onstage as soloist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, to an audience of 1500. I performed Russian repertoire from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. I could feel the full force of the orchestra behind me and see the conductor on my left shoulder... it was an incredible experience and I realised in that moment that I had achieved what I set out to do... and I loved it so much much I knew I'd pursue performance for the rest of my life.

TCNY: What would this moment look like to you in the future?

P: For me it's a performance, in front of a huge audience. I love performing and get so much energy from singing to a crowd, my ultimate would be to perform somewhere huge like Madison Square Garden. I'd love to be singing my own music with a live band, that would be my ultimate.

TCNY: How does a dress, outfit, etc. lend to that moment of 'making it'.

P: When I dress myself it helps me define who I am as a singer, it's very important to me!! I want the right mix of sexy, fun, elegant, individuality, and it has to make me feel good as well; I don't want to be thinking about pulling straps up or fidgeting with things, I just want to be free to enjoy and give everything to the performance.

We wish her all the best in her performances around the world and can't wait to hear more through her career! Check out Petah's website and work here to continue to follow her journey.

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