Spotlight On: Elizabeth Novella

After a chance encounter with Elizabeth at a photo shoot, we were thrilled that she agreed to be our first artist for our Live Your Moment campaign.

As Taylor Catarina NY embodies and empowers women to- Live Your Moment- we wanted to ask a few questions to really find out what Living Your Moment looks like for this striking soprano.

Q: What was the moment you realized you made it, or were truly living the dream you had set out to achieve?

Elizabeth: I realized I was shaping myself into the artist I'd hoped to become a couple of years ago. I had just finished doing a stage premier of a new American opera in Aspen and covering a smaller role in an Aïda they were doing there with some singers I had admired for years, most of whom had already sung major roles at the Met. Pretty much the second I got home, I was asked to be in this really cool, new interpretation of Don Giovanni. I have said no to things in the past that I didn’t think I would have time to do, but this opportunity seemed too unique to miss out on. These were all great learning experiences and made me realize how necessary it was to prioritize projects that would advance my artistry.

2) What would this moment look like for you in the future?

Elizabeth: In the future I hope to be that inspiring and supportive colleague for a young singer!

3) How does a dress, outfit, etc. lend to that moment of 'making it'.

Elizabeth: For me, singing well is at least 70% mental. If I feel uncomfortable or not myself in an outfit, that can distract me from giving my all in a performance. When feeling good is as easy as putting on a certain dress, or jumpsuit, or a pair of pants that makes you feel amazing, why the hell wouldn’t you? Confidence is palpable and uniqueness is essential.

We couldn't agree more!

Special thank you to Elizabeth and Suzanne of S. Richardson Photography and the amazing Bomb Shell Studios LLC for their hair and makeup.

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