In The Spotlight

  • Spotlight On: Elizabeth Novella

    "Confidence is palpable and uniqueness is essential."
  • Spotlight On: Jin Hee Han

    “I think being patient in any situation is very difficult. Taking care of my mind is so important for me as a composer. ‘Composer’ sounds fancy in a way, but it can be one of the hardest jobs.”

  • Spotlight On: Zhanna Alkhazova

    "It is a constant, never-ending learning process and to me, that is the most interesting part of our industry."
  • Spotlight On: Petah Chapman

  • Spotlight On: Kimberlee Dray

    "A mindset is monumentally revelatory and mine was on a collision course with music."

  • Spotlight On: Mel Burbules

    "I remember every major performance event in my life first by the costume, outfit, or gown I wore. Each ensemble brings back vivid memories and special moments from these times in my life."
  • Spotlight On: Amanda Lynn Bottoms