Taylor Catarina New York is about making an entrance and an exit. It’s about dramatic elegance and even more dramatic design. It’s big bows, sensuous drapes of fabric and showing off a woman’s best angles. It’s the decadence of refined ornamentation. It’s soft gathers on a skirt and right angles at a neckline. It’s balance in a heightened direction.

It’s also making that effortless beauty more comfortable and approachable for today’s modern woman. You live your life in a social spot light and need your wardrobe to take those cues as well.

Our Mission is...


Our mission is to create beautiful, fashionable garments that are easy to wear. We take the many facets of women dressing in to consideration, and design in solutions for the formal market for classical musicians and singers. Our mix and match pieces meet the requirement of ease of dress while having a garment you can rely on to fit; with classic, fashionable, and elegant details.